Help us restore the Sundarbans ecosystem

Help us restore the Sundarbans ecosystem


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The Sundarbans mangrove forest, one of the largest such forests in the world, extends over 4,260 sq km (1,640 sq mi) across the southeastern region of West Bengal, India.

The Sundarbans region is renowned as a refuge for a variety of animal species, many of them rare and endangered. The region is home to more than 250 bird species. Notably, it is one of the last preserves of Bengal tigers, which are found in relative abundance there. But several species that once inhabited the region are now believed to be extinct there.

Human activities and natural calamities like cyclones and tidal waves have altered the landscape, notably through forest removal, which has accelerated erosion.

Reports have proven that loss of the mangrove forest will result in the loss of the protective biological shield against cyclones and tsunamis. We have experienced this with the increase in the number of cyclones in the last decade in the Bay of Bengal. This may put the surrounding coastal communities at high risk and endanger hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

We are on a mission to plant and manage 2 million mangroves across the Pakhiralaya, Dayapur, and Rajat Jubelli in the Satjelia region which were recently affected by cyclones Amphan and Yaas. We plan to achieve this target in the next 3 years in phases. These efforts will result in the reduction of soil erosion which will shield millions of people from cyclones and preserve the currently existing flora and fauna.

With this project, we aim to:

  • Prevent further destruction from cyclones and tidal waves
  • Preserve soil erosion along the riverbanks
  • Demonstrate ecosystem management and benefit native flora and fauna
  • Create awareness of the value of mangroves; to develop alternative livelihoods.

Planting 2 million mangroves is a huge number. With just a £10 donation, we can plant and maintain 10 mangroves for 3 years. We know with your help we can do it.

Note: If there are any funds left from this fundraiser, they will be used to support other campaigns of Go Dharmic.